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Kinga Wróblewska - fotografie: sierpnia 2011

niedziela, 28 sierpnia 2011



What can I give to you, but nothing?
If nothing is all I have
All I can give to you is loving,
if loving is all I have
 Rosi Golan ~ "Lullaby"

Zawilec japoński (Anemone  japonica)

czwartek, 25 sierpnia 2011

33/52 {Let's Do 52 Project - Paint The Moon}

33/52 {Decisions}

Listkowiec cytrynek (Gonepteryx rhamni) samiec

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sobota, 20 sierpnia 2011

I Tell Myself

Say that I'm changed
Say I'm different
Maybe I finally understand
Say I've let go
Say that it's obvious
I tell myself over and over
And over and over again

I'm ready I'm ready
I'm ready to believe
Correatown ~ "I Tell Myself"


czwartek, 18 sierpnia 2011

32/52 {Let's Do 52 Project - Paint The Moon}

32/52 {Anticipation}


wtorek, 16 sierpnia 2011

Bee.... Happy!

piątek, 12 sierpnia 2011

Wake Me Up

Wake me up when it's over,
Wake me up when it's done,
When he's gone away and taken everything,
Wake me up.
Norah Jones ~ "Wake Me Up" 

Rudbekia (Rudbeckia L.)

środa, 10 sierpnia 2011

31/52 {Let's Do 52 Project - Paint The Moon}

31/52 {Neighbors}

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wtorek, 9 sierpnia 2011

What am I to You

When I look in your eyes
I can feel the butterflies
I love you when you're blue
Tell me darlin' true
What am I to you 
Norah Jones ~"What am I to You"

Jeżówka (Echinacea Moench)

niedziela, 7 sierpnia 2011

Brand New Day

It’s a brand new day
The sun is shinning
It’s a brand new day
For the first time
In such a long long time
I know
I’ll be ok
Joshua Radin ~"Brand New Day"

Tekstury - Jerry Jones z Shadowhouse

piątek, 5 sierpnia 2011

"Żyjemy dzięki temu co otrzymujemy, nadajemy znaczenie naszemu życiu tym, co dajemy"

~ Winston Churchill

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.
~Winston Churchill


wtorek, 2 sierpnia 2011

Fools Like Me

Maybe it's the sanest thing
Or just the sweetest kind of dream
But love was surely made for fools   like me
Lisa Loeb ~ "Fools Like Me"