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Kinga Wróblewska - fotografie: Think Of Me

środa, 20 lipca 2011

Think Of Me

When you hear it but you just don’t listen
When you’re lookin but you just don’t see
When you’re thinkin there’s no rhyme or reason
Think of me, Think of me

When you’re gettin to the end of a hard day
And you’re thinkin it’s a long way home
When you’re thinkin that you’re just plain crazy
cause you’re on your own, Think of me

I will find you, I promise
I will make you believe
That I’m in this crazy love for the long haul so think of me, Think of me
Rosi Golan ~ "Think Of Me" 

Tekstury -  Jerry Jones z  Shadowhouse Creations

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Blogger Barbara Palmisano pisze...


20 lipca 2011 21:36  
Blogger Duś pisze...


20 lipca 2011 21:44  
Blogger niccada pisze...


20 lipca 2011 22:01  
Blogger Sabrina pisze...

che spettacolo!!!!

20 lipca 2011 23:56  

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