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Kinga Wróblewska - fotografie: By Your Side

czwartek, 19 maja 2011

By Your Side

you think i'd leave your side baby
you know me better than that
you think i'd leave you down when you're down on your knees
i wouldn't do that
i'll tell you you're right when you want
and if only you could see into me
ha ah ah ah ah ah

oh when you're cold
i'll be there
hold you tight to me
             Sade - "By Your Side"

Komentarze (5):

Blogger Espresso pisze...

Cuuudowne zdjęcie.
Piosenka też :)

19 maja 2011 16:32  
Blogger Hilda R.B pisze...

Beautiful image and poem. Well done.

19 maja 2011 19:55  
Blogger smalldot pisze...


19 maja 2011 21:58  
Blogger ula pisze...

świetnie "namalowane" :) wręcz smakowicie...

19 maja 2011 22:59  
Blogger labarnerie pisze...

Ależ kolory :)))

20 maja 2011 08:08  

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